State of Minnesota too polite to ask for federal funding

Although many of its highways and bridges are in severe disrepair, the traditionally undemanding state of Minnesota isn’t comfortable asking for more interstate funding, sources reported Monday.

Read the story in the Onion.

“Duluth said it has some scrap metal we might be able to melt down to make some lamp poles.”



about 12 years ago

Good thing Oberstar is so newyorkie


about 12 years ago

The red states need the money from the blue states.

Todd Gremmels

about 12 years ago

I am going to put a giant sign in my yard (I have a freind that does graphic design) that has a photo of the I-35 bridge collapse so that when Pelenty of trouble runs for prez I can have copy on the sign that reads "Look what he did for cutbacks in our state!! Imagine what he will do for the USA??!!!"

Oh!! Almost forgot big flags and music.


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