missing bike

Yarg! My hand-me-down old mountain bike has gone amiss from my back yard. Tsk Tsk to me for not locking it up. Worth nothing but nostalgia. ’97(?) Trek mountain bike, lots of stickers on it (beer stickers, environmental, farming, skiing), had an unfinished wood basket on the back and an extremely rusty chain. black with teal accents. if you see it, let me know! Thanks, y’all.



about 15 years ago

I'll keep an eye out.  I've caught a couple thieving douchenozzle bike thieves in the last couple years.

Contact the guys/gals at the bike cave.  They are pretty good at finding bikes once they are abandoned.

What size is the bike?


about 15 years ago

Don't know where you live, but I drove slowly by a bike right near where Vermillion Road swings down and turns into Greenwood Lane a couple of days ago- it was in the bushes on the side of the road.  I drove slowly because I thought it might be my son's bike (he too leaves his bike in the back yard too often).  It was still there this morning.  It was a trek, but I don't remember if it had beer stickers or a basket.


about 15 years ago

Yes, where abouts was it stolen from? I commute often and can keep a watchful eye...


about 15 years ago

BIKE FOUND!!! Thanks to a most helpful community of good folks who care.  Love ya, Duluth.


about 15 years ago

So cool that worked out. I'd like to put a bulletin out for a mint Team Murray BMX bike, full velcro pads, checkered tape accents.  Last seen August 3, 1982.  Answers to "Rosebud"...


about 15 years ago

I saw a bike left on the side of the road across from Home Depot the other night.

Marin Christensen

about 15 years ago

"I'm really sorry, Steven, but your bicycle's been stolen..."


about 15 years ago

Yay for found bikes!

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