One more reason why I love Duluth, or the berries are ripe!

Saturday evening, a fabulous time to head over to Brighton Beach. A few other families thought so as well. We get out of the car and basically have to navigate our way over a few raspberry bushes to get to the beach. This being Duluth, they were still full of berries. They are no longer, so no need to consult there in your berry quest.

berry picking



about 15 years ago

Lots of raspberries at Chester Bowl up by the ski jumps.


about 15 years ago

plentiful juneberries on the rocks behind observation park too.


about 15 years ago

Personally, I love the thimbleberries! Chester Creek is a great place to find them.  I wish I had more in my yard to complement all the raspberries.


about 15 years ago

Jay Cooke is full of blueberries!

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