Olfactory Observations - Perfect Duluth Day

Olfactory Observations

I took a walk through downtown Duluth yesterday around 5am and was struck by the ambient smells that a lot of buildings give off when there are no competing smells coming from cars, people, etc.

  • The Kozy Bar & Apartments smells like stale booze. This should surprise no one.
  • Pizza Lucé smells like stale cigarettes. This isn’t exactly surprising, but disappointing. You want it to smell like their delicious pizza. It’s hard to say which smells worse — the Kozy or Lucé. I guess that’s open to interpretation.
  • Angela’s Bella Flora is the best-smelling building in the downtown area.


Harvest Arsonist

about 15 years ago

It's called a city, captain obvious. Try walking in the woods if you don't want to smell civilization. Pizza Luce smells like cig butts because people have to go outside to smoke. If you want to smell their delicious pizza, walk past when they're actually open for business, or better yet, go in and buy one. What's next, some heavy hearted disappointment over the aroma eminating from WLSSD? Come on. I'm as liberal as the next guy, but jeez...

Harvest Arsonist

about 15 years ago

Wow, I'm sorry. I truly apologize for ranting before coffe. I should know better. Sincere apologies.

Barrett Chase

about 15 years ago

Ranting? I'm not complaining at all. AT ALL. I buy pizzas from Luce all the time. When places are open for business, I never even smell them. I just happened to take a walk in the early AM, and noticed something I never noticed before, Captain Sensitive.

Chester Dark

about 15 years ago

Wow Harvest Arsonist!! If having coffee makes a big difference between your comment #1 and comment #2, I'm in favor of paying for a permanent caffeine IV for you.

As for olfactory observations...seems like one of the under-appreciated senses. I think I read somewhere that odors are really the trigger for memories.

This is the kind of wacky/random/musing post I like seeing on PDD!


about 15 years ago

We can smell alakaf roasters at Enger if the winds are right - sometimes mixes the sweet smell from superwood. Woody Java, mon. Aaah.


about 15 years ago

Outside of Jitter's smells weird sometimes.

Superior street Coney smells weird.

'Cino smells like death.

You can't smell Carlson's anymore.


about 15 years ago

Angela's smells better than Peterson's? I can't smell Angela's from the street, but walking past Peterson's in the skywalk is rather nice.

Weird smell: the steam vents. Why does it smell like that? I always hold my breath, assuming it's the scent of some poison added to the steam to kill mold that might grow in the humidity...which is probably completely paranoid, but what do I care?

The Doog

about 15 years ago

global village in the skyway is always pronounced in a pleasent way,but that yeasty smell of subways can turn a stomach.


about 15 years ago

I'm pretty basic, so Famous Dave's does it for me.  If the timing is right, I'll get a nice aroma off of the thai place nearby.  Those are not subtle nasal flavors, I admit.  The steam tunnel comment is funny, because I always felt the same way.  I never noticed Luce smelling like burnt nicotine, but I haven't been by there recently.

The west duluth McD's and Kentucky Fried -- in combination -- you can smell all the way from near the highland cemetery if the wind is right.  Kind of a mealy/greasy french fry smell that for some strange reason actually makes you salivate even though you're disinclined to frequent fast food spots and salivating near a cemetery makes you question your sanity.  

No I'm just kidding (about food choice, not the smell); I do love my fried potato thingies and chicken nuggets with mysterious sauce.


about 15 years ago

Hey Adam. I can still smell Carlsons, any time of day or night, anyplace. 

Someday the olfactory memory will fade, but no yet... not yet.

(god help me.)

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