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My name is Rob Larson, and I posted a couple of weeks ago about compiling a name list for future video production work in the Twin Ports. I currently live and work in the Milwaukee area, and I am moving with my wife to Duluth in a couple of weeks.

My business partner and I are taking inventory of our equipment and deciding what I will be bringing with me to Duluth. We currently use all sorts of fun stuff: Green screens, dolly tracks, the FigRig, the Sony HVR-V1U, updated NLE studios and editing bays, etc…

I would like to get a sense of the equipment available in the area, as well as who’s who in Twin Ports video production. I plan to hold a meeting in July to become better acquainted with individuals who would like to have steady commercial and narrative production work.  

Anyway, I would like to leave most of our equipment in the Milwaukee studio, but I can’t service any of our increasing number of Twin Ports clients without good equipment. So this post is to ask, “who has what?” 

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Paul Lundgren

about 15 years ago

Here's who's-who off the top of my head:

Carlson Media
4 Track Films
Pro Video Productions
Parthe Productions
Tri-Quantum Productions


about 15 years ago

tri-quantum is a kid and he's out of business I think. I heard Carlson left town under a cloud of unpaid bills. 4track doesn't need to make money because its funded by a foundation. The other two are established. Of all of them, PArthe is the big boy. They have their own rig and do lots of big commercial shoots. The owner has some Hollywood money in him or something...

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