The climate of Duluth, circa 1914

I don’t know if anyone has ever seen/read this or not (I imagine there might be a copy at one of our libraries), but I stumbled on it on


note the pre-lift bridge on the cover, plus there’s a few other neat old photos inside, plus some interesting reading, and some interesting old data…



about 13 years ago

I like the introduction. But is it science?

"Oh yeah??? Well...well at least we don't have POISONOUS reptiles!" In your face, Arizona.

And even though it did snow this morning, I'm over winter, and ready to love again.


about 13 years ago

Yeah, interesting to try to read into his biases, seems like a slightly over-exhuberant booster of the region I guess, especially in relation to agricultural potential (he fails to mention the pesky exposed bedrock everywhere).  Of course I'm often over-exhuberant about the area too.  My favorite quote:

"...the outdoor sports made possible by the low temperature and snow and ice conditions are certainly compensating features which add to our good health and pleasure."

Oops, sorry, you were trying to forget about winter...

There's an interesting 1914 take on climate change too.

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