It’s good to be noticed



Dave Sorensen

about 13 years ago

I heard  foxes took care of the Park Point bunny invasion. Maybe this will help keep the city deer population in balance. Not to mention the poodles. Is that picture really a wolf?

Todd Gremmels

about 13 years ago

Well I tell ya-for years the volunteer fire dept friend of mine said that he had seen cougars running across his field. Everybody thought he was crazy untill other people had the same sightings.

It is just one of those cases that wild animals will frequent any were with food. Poodles, cats, dogs and deer will work for eating if your a wolf or a cougar.



about 13 years ago

On the cruise back in from throwing out at Goldie's, I saw a black wolf scouring the ditch along Ryan Road. Could have been a dog. I was driving too fast to check for a collar.

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