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Another great Homegrown Music Festival – it’s absolutely amazing to see the talent that we have in town.

Homegrown would not be possible without the efforts of a lot of people working throughout the year, behind the scenes, to make it happen.  Paul Connolly, who has been festival director over the past two years has done a great job.  Paul Lundgren, Adam Guggemos, and all of the volunteers who contributed deserve our thanks.  And of course happy birthday and thanks to Starfire for giving life to the festival.  Remember to frequent the venues who support original live music throughout the year.

If you had a good time this week, take a moment to write a note of thanks for those who made it possible.



about 15 years ago

I want to thank our venue manager at the Brewhouse, who claimed to be able to get "women and drugs" for the band.  This must be a new feature of the festival this year?


about 15 years ago

Hey Mayor Ness....What was YOUR favorite performance at Homegrown??

Don Ness

about 15 years ago

So many to mention - some of my personal favorites: Dave Mehling, Hobo Nephews, Humaniod, Fat Hen, Keep Aways, Cars & Trucks, Fred Tyson all had great shows.  

I was really impressed with the Pacific Phonographic Co, Bradical Boombox, and the Toasted Roosters all of whom I saw for the first time.

But, my favorite show of Homegrown was Coyote at the TZ.  Jerree & Marc put on an incredible show.  It almost made me regret that I shaved off my "Marc Gartman Tribute Beard" earlier that day.

I missed a lot of shows that I wanted to see - but those were the highlights of my Homegrown.  How about others - what were the best shows of the week?


about 15 years ago

thanks for all the hard work, everyone... 

i'd especially like to thank one paul connolly. i've seen first hand the amount of time and effort paul puts in to this festival and i know for a fact that without him it just wouldn't be possible.


about 15 years ago

For me, hands down, it was the Toasted Roosters (who I have never seen before) All those folks lined up to see TBT and they really missed out on another GREAT foot-stompin' rowdiness! I mean, that Matt Ray feller can bring the stompin!! They had Carmodys rocking during their set!! 
In addition, another great highlight was Dave Mehling. Good lord, what a talent for such a young guy! Wow!!

Homegrown rules!!

Nate Mattson

about 15 years ago

My faves: The Surfactants at RT Quinlans, Cars and Trucks at Luce, Cougar at Luce, Paul Mayasich with Billy Franze, and John Farrel and Eric Swanson and all the great sound guys.  The guy at The Brewhouse who tried to supply an extension cord.


about 15 years ago

Thanks to everyone on the steering committee, all the volunteers and all the musicians worked together to make this happen. Our venue manager, Jesse (spelling?), was very helpful at the Lakeview Castle on Wednesday.
My Favorite Shows: Dave Mehling's new band is mind-blowing. I was really impressed by the band Erth, especially the drummer. A Corrosive Melody was awesome to watch, as I had never seen them before and probably never will again.


about 15 years ago

Four Horse Johnson is a band I'd never heard of that I really like, now...  Todd Gremmels's birthday party was a blast... Coyote was magical... Fred Tyson's show was one of the most surreal experiences of my life...  The Supertacks rocked my face off (though in a bittersweet way-- did I hear Aaron say it was their last show?)...  The Tisdales are just a great fucking band... I've seen Father Hennepin a lot of times, but never loved it that much (though I blew my shot at lasting fame-- Starfire stuck the microphone in my face, but it turns out that I don't actually know the lyrics to "Dead Flowers".  I must have just been shouting out random things).  

And you played "Mohawks", Father Hennepin!  Jesus Christ.  The one thing that would've been missing from the experience was the opportunity to shout along to "Mohawks", and you filled that hole...

And then Manheat ended their set with "Can't Hardly Wait".  How perfect.

Oh!  And Equal Xchange was terrific.  Why don't you play more often, Equal Xchange?  Or do you play all the time, and I just haven't been noticing?

But really: Paul Connolly, everyone on the steering committee, musicians, scenesters, writers, poster-hanger uppers, kickball enthusiasts, everyone: thank you.  You reminded me of why I live in this town.  

What a great week.


about 15 years ago

Thanks to everyone who makes Homegrown possible. I am so grateful for all the hard work that goes into it to meet the needs of so many performers and artists. Your efforts do not go unnoticed or unappreciated. I am very proud to be a part of it every year and I can't wait for next year!

To clarify the SuperTacks "break-up" question. HG was our last show with that name, we're adding a member and going under our other bands name Rock Brigade. Thanks to everyone who came out to see us and to Eric Swanson for making us sound so damn good up there!


about 15 years ago

I would Like to thank Paul Connolly for managing to somehow pull off something that seems like it would be impossible to organize.  Also Jen Rask was great as volunteer organizer.  I worked the door on Thursday and Friday, and everything was set up for us perfectly.  I would also like to thank C-Freak, she was like a second venue manager at the Main on Thursday.  Just a little more forceful about keeping to the schedule than the official venue manager.  Let's just say Doc Hyde was lucky he finally got off when he did.

As for the music, I really enjoyed the Hadjis.  Fred Tyson was a trip.  He pretty much danced through the entire one hour DJ set that preceded him taking the stage.  Not sure how he had enough energy to play his own set, I didn't even have enough energy to stick around for the whole thing after a late night on Wednesday.  I worked the landing at RT's on Saturday, so I wasn't able to hear much or see the bands at all.  But from what I could tell The Surfactants were probably my favorite.  Unfortunately I had a wedding on Saturday which usurped my going out and putting my free pass to work.

Next year I will plan on taking off Thursday and Friday from work.  Getting up at 6am is not conducive to a positive Homegrown experience.  And no damn weddings!


about 15 years ago

Hey, Ryan,

I caught a Supertacks t-shirt at RT's, and then lost it within the hour.  Do you have any more?  

I'll be at your show tomorrow night.  

Lemme know.


about 15 years ago

Equal Xchange hopes to play more shows this summer. We have a CD coming out soon that we recorded ourselves and, at this point, plan on having Eric Swanson mix for us.  Thanks for asking!


about 15 years ago

Awesome, Kokesie!  Thanks.


about 15 years ago

Big Country and the Up North 33, The Keepaways, Hobo Nephews, Yeltzi, Coyote, The Mean Darkleys and The Lone Rangers are my top picks. Wish I could have been up all week!

Paul Connolly is amazing and I someday hope to have him father my bastard children. 

p.s. does anyone know who that lady that got up and sang with me Sat. night was?


about 15 years ago

Thanks you Mr. Ness. 

We had alot of fun playing on Friday night. I would like to Thank Paul as well. I have been amazed this past week, what a bunch of awesomeness. I cannot wait for next year!

Todd Gremmels

about 15 years ago

Everything I heard and saw was amazeing!!!!

My wife and I pushed through little sleep and colds to make it to as many bands as we could.

Loveing every minute of it!!!!

Holy shit got some great video of Three Song Sunday and The Keepaways!!!!!

Awesome scene and amazing work Homegrown peeps.

Thanks You!!!
Thanks You!!!
Thanks You!!!

Deborah & Todd

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