UMD has to step it up a notch…

DinkyTown riots



about 15 years ago

Also via Minnesota Daily:

I bet Old Man Baci's videos would be more professional.

Papa Baci

about 15 years ago

hehe ... 19th Ave has been trying it's best to keep up the last two weekends. I will say last night was tamer than friday night


about 15 years ago

"U.S.A! U.S.A!"

And way to use wind in your favor, MPD.


about 15 years ago

I used to live right around the corner from ground zero in college. Spring Jam was always pretty crazy, but nothing like that. Maybe it was because Tim Mahoney always played and bored the shit out of people. 

I think the craziest thing that I remember happening was a friend's brother being arrested pissing in a bush during Spring Jam. He put up a real fight, but the best part was that the cops couldn't tell if he spoke English because he was so drunk.

The same guy's girlfriend also blew our entire house when he was passed out one time, which might be crazier (and was definitely cooler, until he found out and went all Tyson on her in front of us).


about 15 years ago

"Vice provost for student affairs Jerry Rinehart said the school plans to look at what caused the crowd to lose control, and that involved students could face punishment from the school."


they need to "look into" what caused the loss of control?

how about alcohol, maybe? factor in whatever you want to...warm night, the occasion, whatever...and whatever likely outcome you arrive at will ultimately be either prefaced with or followed by a bunch of people, students and otherwise having consumed way too much alcohol.


about 15 years ago

I liked this episode better when it was called Halloween in Madison.


about 15 years ago

riot rampage!

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