Conan O’Brien back on-air June 1st – Hurry!

IMHO Late Night  TV needs Conan back  ASAP.  I hope his format, when he takes over the Tonight Show June 1st, stays similar to how his Late Show was.  I remember the time when Conan or Kimmel?? did a live broadcast feed from Duluth about something, maybe some guy creating an ice sculpture or something..?? Anyone remember what it was about?  I just remember a bunch of people started showing up and the guys he was interviewing were some real characters, like missing teeth and whatnot. One guy was on some kinda weird homemade moto-trike. If any one can find the video from that post it! I can’t find it anywhere. I thought it as Conan but it may have been Kimmel.

Gotta love the rappin William Shatner remix… Hurry back Conan.



about 13 years ago

I predict he'll move toward more of a Leno style of humor. When Letterman hosted Late Night, his show was much edgier. But the earlier slots have always been somewhat boring and tame, as their function is to calm (aka "bore") people down after the news so that they can fall asleep.

The Big E

about 13 years ago

I'm a little reluctant to admit that I was watching Jimmy Kimmel, but yeah, the guy piling up snow was on Kimmel a few years back.


about 13 years ago

But will Leno keep filling his calming role now in his earlier, 9 p.m. slot - leaving Conan to continue with his edgier stuff? I hope so.

Of course, that means bunches of people will be falling asleep before the late local news.

In any case, it's going to be interesting to see how that whole Leno-Conan situation works out (they're both going to be in LA competing for the same guests, right?)


about 13 years ago

Conan's funny, but I've grown much fonder of Craig Ferguson over the past few years.  Sometimes it seems like Conan's trying too hard--Ferguson's show is zany but a little more off-the-cuff.

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