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W.T.F. E.T.

For those who remember when little Thomas Demming from Duluth found his own real-life E.T. in 2009, well, now we have a 2022 sighting.

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AJ Mclean praises and damns Duluth on TikTok


I have never seen something so serene and beautiful in all my life and quiet a little taste of heaven before I go to bed. Big day tomorrow!

♬ original sound – AJ McLean

AJ Mclean, the singer, actor, dancer and model best known as a member of the Backstreet Boys, was in Duluth this weekend for a wedding, according to videos on TicTok. In his first Duluth post, from the edge of Lake Superior, he notes he has “never seen something so serene and beautiful” in all his life and calls it “a little taste of heaven.” In the second post, however, he’s a bit miffed that there are no Ubers available. There is also a third post with some wedding-day fun.