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Duluth: A new film by Nicole Brending

Apparently a short film called Duluth was completed in 2010. (I’ll note right up front that the trailer features brief nudity.)

Update: The trailer on Vimeo has been removed.

The URL given at the end of the trailer is to a site that doesn’t exist. There is, however, an Internet Movie Database plot summary, which reads as follows:

Is that the lift bridge?

Is that the lift bridge at 2:56? I also thought the fireworks scene looked vaguely Duluthy at first but on second and third glance I don’t see how it could be, the bridge is in the wrong position related to the fireworks unless they are coming from Superior. Anyone else care to take a stab at it?

Great Lakes Warriors

[This post originally contained an embedded video that is no longer available at its source. The premiere episode of Great Lakes Warriors can be viewed on Vimeo.]

The new deckhand always gets the worst jobs. At Heritage Marine in Duluth, Captain Mike Ojard gives newbie Brandon one of the more unpleasant assignments — clean up the over-full debris pan from the Incinolet, an electric marine toilet.

This clip is from the History Channel show Great Lakes Warriors, which premieres July 19 at 9 p.m.

The adventures of two of Heritage’s boats — The Nels J. and the Helen — are featured prominently in the show.

“You’re not dead til you’re warm and dead.”

Duluth got a mention in this 2010 Ted Talk by cell biologist Mark Roth: Suspended Animation is in our Grasp.

More specifically he mentions the miraculous case of Janice Goodger

There was a 65-year-old woman in Duluth, Minnesota last year that was found frozen and without a pulse in her front yard one morning in the winter, and they brought her back to life. The next day, she was doing so well, they wanted to run tests on her. She got cranky and just went home.

Duluth mentioned in film Trumbo

Dalton Trumbo was one of the “Hollywood Ten.” Duluth is mentioned in passing in the documentary Trumbo. And judging from his description of the weather he must have been here.

The infamous ”Winnebago Man” has Duluth ties

Jack Rebney of the movie Winnebago Man apparently worked in Duluth back in the day.

[This post originally contained a video clip from Daily Motion that is no longer available.]

Eddie Money – “We Should be Sleeping”

Classic rocker Eddie Money performs a free concert this evening at outside Fond-du-Luth Casino. Duluth gets a shout out at the :35 second mark in the video for “We Should be Sleeping.”

More ice fishing jokes

Picture 2

The promo was filmed here for Jerry Seinfeld’s new show, The Marriage Ref.

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