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For Your Halloween Listening Pleasure

Listen to Wolf Blood

Wolf Blood rocked the CDs off the shelf on KUMD’s “The Local” last night. Listen to their performance/interview with DJ E on the Local podcast.

Halloween Demon Interview

I got to sit down in the new Kirby Student Lounge with the Duluth Demon early Halloween morning. He showed up in full costume, including his usual mask, a body suit, gloves and boots. He was polite, at ease, and very easy to talk to.

Scary Duluth Basements

There are so many potentially creepy houses in Duluth, especially along Greysolon Road. Aren’t you just dying to know what’s in the basement? Could be catacombs of dead people you weren’t aware of, or an ancient demon perhaps.

Rooms can be very difficult to photograph, but post your photos/video tours here anyway. If you think the space is creepy but the photo doesn’t convey it, feel free to add some description as to why this place is so dreadfully scary.

Glensheen’s Spooktacular Tips

You probably know that Glensheen is hosting a display of 1,000 Jack O’ Lanterns starting tonight. It’s a gorgeous presentation and it’s one of those few events that is actually fun for adults, as well as children. No trick or treatin’, no costumes – it’s more a visual celebration of autumn.

But, PDD’rs here’s a little inside baseball for you.

– Try to walk if you can; parking in the Glensheen lot is a bear. There’s construction going on that’s taking up part of an already smallish lot.

SATURDAY ONLY: There’s a shuttle from UMD’s Lot W running about every 20 minutes.

A little early with his Halloween jokes

Duluth News Tribune cartoon by R. D. Handy from 100 years ago — Oct. 23, 1913.

Duluth Demon

Just in time for Halloween the Duluth Demon emerges and has been seen lurking around UMD. It seems he was last seen terrorizing people in Bagley Park and has not broken character yet. An article from the UMD Statesman explains his presence. The demon can also be found on Facebook.


We attended the Spooktacular at Glensheen on Saturday. It was awesome. If you’ve not been, Sunday is another chance, and it’s worth every penny. Firedancer performs at 7, 7:30 and 8 p.m.

PS: Firedancer: Who recorded the music you dance to? It’s been a long time since I heard elektro-goth stuff like that.

Someone stole my kids pumpkins again!

I have had it. On and off over the years that I have lived on 43rd Avenue East my childrens’ pumpkins have been stolen. The first year they were smashed against our sidewalk after they had been carved. Another year they were just stolen. Last year we rigged them to spray water if they were moved and put up a sign as such; they were not stolen. This year we thought we could thwart the person by buying 70-pound-plus-size pumpkins from my brother-in-law figuring it would be too much effort to get a car to steal them. Well, this morning I come outside and all five of our extra large pumpkins are gone.

The kids are devastated. They picked out these “Cindrella” pumpkins from their uncle in Wadena and were really excited to carve them. Who does this type of thing? I’m going to drive around Lakeside during lunch today and look for them. If you stole them, please bring them back. You made for some very sad children this morning.

Halloween 1911: The Quietest in History?

From the Duluth News Tribune, 100 years ago.

Damn kids will make life miserable for older Duluthians

From the Duluth News Tribune, 1895:

Haunted Halloween Yard on Grandview Avenue by Chester Park

I’m wondering who would be interested in helping with the event at Tom Grier’s on Halloween night (902 Grandview Ave., Duluth). I realize everyone has a busy schedule, and Halloween falls on a Monday but … Tom and I could really use your help! We have already started setting some things up today and yesterday and want to make this year one to remember.

I had to cut out a huge section about specifics, but he needs actors and techies to help out at the city’s best haunted house!

Thanks to all and please email me directly ASAP if you can, in any way, help out! (mnordin41 @ gmail.com)

Scare on,
Mike Nordin

Zombies invade UMD Oct. 27

Join us for a zombie-themed symposium that is free and open to the public. Six UMD professors will give talks about how their work relates to zombies. Refreshments appropriate for the topic will be served. BYOB (Bring Your Own Brain).

Ghosts of Halloween Past

A pair of photos from the Boogieman Project — the NorShor Theatre’s Halloween party on Oct. 28, 2000.

Zombie! Zombie! Zombie!

Dracula will be playing live on the silk screen while Heavy J rocks your heads off. Zombie!

Duluth Halloween Parties in 2010

So, we were going to go to the Emerson party again this year, but we heard that it isn’t happening. We also heard the NorShor isn’t doing anything. So, that leaves us looking for something else. Any suggestions?

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