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Minnesota is puzzling

If you liked my previous film, Wild Bill’s Run, you might also like my next film, Wicker Kittens. On the other hand, you might hate it. Because they’re two different films. This one is about competitive jigsaw puzzling. I’m going to stop trying to second guess your personal tastes now and let you watch the trailer.

Retribution Gospel Choir – “Working Away” Documentary

Duluth guys in Spain.

Documentary Film Passing Through

Passing Through is a documentary about a man from Northern Minnesota who has struggled with the HIV/AIDS virus for 20 years. I finished the film in 2007 as a senior in the video production program at UW-Superior. The film won the jury award in the student category at the Wisconsin Film Festival in ’08. Since then I haven’t been sure what to do with it, so last night I uploaded it to Vimeo for the public to view. If you have 20 minutes please check it out.

[The video embedded in this post has been removed from Vimeo.]