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Undesirable customers in Duluth

This postcard hit the mail 110 years ago today, sent by Hazel Britts to Capt. Luther Haleto of Provincetown, Cape Cod,¬†Mass. The card is hand-dated June 27 and postmarked June 28, 1907. The illustration shows a banker closing his doors to “undesirable customers,” two black bear.



Shot by Dave Zbaracki in the Congdon neighborhood. (Via Facebook.)

“Hey, where is your lawn chair, and can you bring me a Hamms?”

Bear Standing on porch in Proctor

The Proctor Police Department received this picture today from the Proctor Journal of a bear standing on someone’s porch. “Be safe out there,” the PPD warns. “It’s that time of year when they are out forging around for food so they can hibernate this winter.”

Is this bear poop on my front lawn?


These droppings were six feet from my front door this morning on North 42nd Avenue West in West Duluth.

Apparently the mayor was too focused on sharks

Photo by Ken Greshowak

Photo by Ken Greshowak

Last we heard, someone was dressed in a bear suit in front of City Hall, trying to coax this poor critter down from the tree.

The Really Angry Bear Who Almost Upset the World

As this gem appears to have little if any local coverage whilst topping the list of our truly closest encounters, I’d like to explore it now and see if anyone in the community has memories or knowledge of this exciting chapter in history.

One of my favorite pastimes has to be pretending that ‘man’ hasn’t come as close as he has to setting this Garden of Eden ablaze, returning it to its former self of one giant cinder cone that only the smallest rodents underground survive. The itchy-trigger-fingers of sociopathic generals (immortalized in such films as How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb) illustrate the kind of antics that happened right over the hill from here one fateful evening.

Black Bear Update

Earlier this week, a 162-lb black bear was semi-conscious in the snow at Jay Cooke State Park. After being asked to help, three Wildwoods volunteers (Jason B., Ian A., and Peggy A., who took these pictures), sprang into action, loading up with supplies and rushing to the scene to help park employees rescue the bear.

Black bear on the pier in Duluth

Thanks to photos from the Duluth Shipping News’ “bear cam” and an audio clip of Ryan Beamer, chief Aerial Lift Bridge operator, PDD now presents this delightful 12-second recap of yesterday’s events at the South Pier of the Duluth shipping canal.

Bear in Duluth’s Lakeside neighborhood

I saw a bear today on the lake side of London Road. It ran toward the lake and downtown direction. I am interested if anyone saw the bear between 51st Avenue East and downtown — it’s a youngish-looking bear.


Has anyone seen the little bear on Park Point? I first saw it last Saturday by the water pumping station. We surprised each other and ran our separate ways. Then today I was driving back from the Park Point Airport and saw him (?) again, at 41st Street, inspecting a garbage can. I pulled over to take a picture. He sort of hid in the shade on someone’s front stoop (!). The photo looks weird because I had to brighten it way up to make the bear visible.

How did this bear get onto the point? How long has he been there? How old is he? He’s Newfoundland-sized. Will he swim to Wisconsin where the accommodations are less urban? Does the Park Point Community Club have a bear relocation program?

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