Perfect Duluth Day’s Best Videos of 2012

Tangier 57 — “There is a World”: Duluth band Tangier 57’s first video was shot at the Miller Hill Mall food court. Originally posted Jan. 5, 2012.


Cars & Trucks Kickstarter Video: Looking for money? Try offending everyone who might give you some. Originally posted Feb. 13, 2012


The Owl’s Club, Duluth: This video from Adam Carr’s “January in Duluth” blog tells the story of Duluth’s venerable fraternal organization. Originally posted Feb. 17, 2012.


Ice Sheet Moves In: Jim Richardson captures the scene as sheets of glassy ice pile up on the shores of Lake Superior. Originally posted Feb. 21, 2012.


Foggy Night: This timelapse by David Cowardin is eerie and beautiful. Originally posted on Mar. 28, 2012


Bill Meier – “Katelyn”: This music video featuring Duluth’s Bil Meier was shot by Tomas Soderberg, and includes Erin McConnell, Max Moen, Talia and Morgan Martens and Doug Odlevak. Originally posted May 2, 2012.


Comfortably TrematodaIn what has to be the geekiest video ever to appear on PDD, a couple of UMD students explore the topic of liver flukes in the style of Pink Floyd. Originally posted May 10, 2012.


Low – “Point of Disgust”We could have an entire category “Beautiful videos shot at Sacred Heart.” Here’s one of many that appeared on PDD this year. Originally posted Jul. 9, 2012.


Duluth Flood Skateboarding: Colton Maddy, John Schneider, Taylor Verva and some guy named Steve skateboard through the aftermath of Duluth’s Solstice Flood in this video by Travis Doyle. Originally posted July 23, 2012.


Chaperone Records Unveiled: Retro horrible and futuristicly fabulous, this announcement for Duluth’s newest record label was better than any K-tel ad. Originally posted July 25, 2012


Papa: Duluthian Thomas Angelo Dougherty, U.S. Naval Aviator during World War II, tells his story in this video by George Knowles. Originally posted July 31, 2012.


Trampled by Turtles on Adult Swim: An animated version of Duluth band Trampled by Turtles performs the song “Walt Whitman” on the Adult Swim cartoon network. Originally posted Aug. 7, 2012.