Help Topic: Acceptable codes for use in PDD comments

You may use the HTML codes below to help get your point across in comments. Remember to close any codes that require closing using </>.

<a href> : link (required for the creation of a clickable link)
<em> : italics
<strong> : bold (use only for headlines)
<blockquote> : block quote
<ul> : unordered (bullet point) list
<ol> : ordered (numbered) list
<li> : list item (individual numbers or bullets)

Regarding YouTube videos:

To embed a YouTube or Vimeo video into a comment, use the embed code provided by the video service. On YouTube, it can be found by clicking “Share” under the video.

If the video you want to reference is not embeddable, use Tiny URL to obtain an alternative URL for creating your YouTube link.

Style Policies

Please refer to PDD’s Policies page for details on what sort of formatting is acceptable.