Zeito Posts

Volkswagen in Duluth

I am really thrilled that they were able to remodel and re-use the Saturn dealership by the mall as a Volkswagen dealership. According to local news reports, Volkswagen hasn’t had a presence around here for 20 years. Does anyone know who the last dealer in the area was? I’ve heard there was once a place on the hillside that sold Volkswagens. Does anyone recall that?

102.5 has changed formats … again?

I like to listen to Bob and Tom on the way into work. Today on my way home I thought the song they were playing was a bit odd for a classic rock station. They then announced the call letters as KDWZ or something like that. I cannot find any info on the Midwest Communications site. Does anyone know anything about this transition, and if they will keep Bob and Tom in the morning? From the two songs I heard it seemed to be another top 40 station. I think it’s a bit humorous that 102.5 has come full circle from KZIO in the mid ’90s. Somehow I doubt “Album Side Thursday” will survive this transition which is a bit of a shame.

DNT Attic is Back!

I noticed last week that the DNT Attic has returned to the Duluth News Tribune site. After Andrew K. was let go the site was never quite as good, but I appreciated that they were at least updating it with new posts from time to time. They just started updating it again after four months of silence. However the posting from January 18th looks strangely familiar to something I’d read before. Coincidence?