Mike Posts

The People Say Fox need some assistance!

The People Say Fox are recording a new album this September! It’s our second album, and we are over-the-top ultra excited to share it with any who are willing to listen. We estimate the cost of releasing this album to be $5,000+, so to help raise some of the funds we started our very own Kickstarter. It has been up and running for a couple of months now, and with only a week left, we are over half-way to our $1,000 goal! We are offering some nifty prizes in return for your generosity, so any and all contributions are greatly appreciated and hopefully worthwhile to you!

We have all the confidence in the world in what we’re doing, and if you can assist us in pursuing our dreams, we will be forever grateful. You lovely folks have given us so much support over the past few years, and we hate having to ask for more, but if you find yourself thinking “maybe I can help,” head on over to our Kickstarter and read more about our project!

We’ll see ya soon with some new jams,
Mike, Nate, and Nate

P.S. For those who are interested, our first album is streaming at thepeoplesayfox.com.