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What are “Essential” Services?

Yesterday, across Minnesota, battered women’s shelters closed their doors. Why? Not for lack of need, but for lack of priority by the state. So far shelters and childcare for low-income families have been placed in the “non-essential” services category. What then are “essential” services and who gets to decide?

Bed Bugs in Downtown Duluth?

Anyone know the story of what is going on in the building at 103 W. First St.? This is the building that is owned by Center City Housing, apartments on the top floors and Sammy’s Pizza on the main floor along with offices. For the past week there have been trucks parked outside doing some kind of “abatement” work. The workers have been bringing large stainless steel containers in and out of the building. I heard a rumor tonight that there was an infestation of bed bugs in the building and a company was there trying to eradicate the bugs. It was all very mysterious so just wondering about it.