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I almost saw Into Temptation last night

Patrick Coyle, director and writer of Into Temptation, was in Duluth to discuss his Minnesota-made movie last night at the Zinema, our town’s great new independent movie theater. At the start of the sold-out movie, the director sat on the aisle steps awaiting the audience’s reaction to his film. Unfortunately, the movie was a choppy version of the original. The disc kept skipping like a bad movie night in your living room. Coyle ran out to see what was happening and then returned apologizing and saying he would pop over to his car and get another disc. A director who has an extra movie at the ready seemed handy and kinda weird.

Then after a few minutes of disc 2, skip, … skip,… skip, and no director appeared to apologize. The audience sat for about 20 more minutes before starting to file out of the theater. We got our money back but wondered what the deal was. It’s too bad too since the 30-40 minutes of the movie I saw (parts from the beginning, middle, and end, by the way) was pretty good. Jeremy Sisto (of Law and Order and Six Feet Under) plays a gentle Catholic priest who tries to help a woman who has confessed that she plans to kill herself. But what actually happened at the Zinema last night? Who knows? It was kinda fun afterward when we tried to fill in the holes by imagining what happened.