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Research in non-traditional music venues

I am Seth Langreck, an English/writing studies graduate student at the University of Minnesota-Duluth. This semester I am conducting a directed research study focusing on sound/music in the Duluth community. At this moment, I have a relativity open topic and its area of focus can change based off the information I collect. Since I have spent the last seven years in Eau Claire, I am looking to interview people/promoters who have held concerts in non-traditional venues (living rooms, basements, backyards, in stores, etc.).

My main emphasis in this analysis is intended to be centered on reasons, motives, inspirations, and/or rationale for hosting a concert in a non-traditional setting (mainly, a non-commercial setting), but if you have experience in any of this (being a promoter or musician or audience member) I would like to hear what you have to say. If you want to give your two-cents about other venues in Duluth, that is fine; again I want to get an understanding of smaller scale music communities and what maintains them.

You can contact me through email at langr017 @ Thank you for reading this and I hope that our conversation will continue an already vibrate music scene.

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