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You can run but you can’t hide hate

I stopped at the Lakeside Super One for groceries and saw that the Christian youth ministry “You Can Run But You Can’t Hide” had a table set up outside and was collecting money to “prevent teen suicide.” I didn’t immediately recognize the name of the group, but once I thought about it I realized it was this bunch.

Really? This group was labeled an anti-gay hate group by the Southern Law Poverty Center. I wonder if Super One realizes what this group represents. I will be calling and asking them that question. YCRBYCH representatives are very dishonest about themselves when they ask to speak at schools, and I would bet they don’t reveal their true agenda when asking to solicit.


In the interest of fairness to Super One Foods, PDD’s moderators are inserting Super One’s response here with the submitted post rather than burying it in the comments. (It should be clarified that the early comments to this post occurred before this information was presented.)

According to Boyd Hanson, director of human resources at Miner’s Inc., which owns the Super One Foods chain, there was never proper approval for the You Can Run But Cannot Hide group to solicit in front of the Lakeside Super One … or any other Super One for that matter.

Hanson says the group presented itself to a Lakeside Super One employee as a Christian ministry with a mission to stop teen suicide. The employee said that would be fine, but when the store manager, John Radcliff, arrived he asked the group to leave because Super One has a no-solicitation policy.

“We allow the Salvation Army to ring the bell in our entrances … some of those kind of things,” Hanson said. “But generally speaking anything that would have any kind of a political or religious-type view we don’t allow to do that. … Why this group came to our store we don’t even know. … We just don’t get involved in those kind of things.”

Disaster Vultures Have Arrived

I just got the first call from someone trying to cash in on the disaster. Claimed he wasn’t trying to sell something and was just calling in light of the recent flooding in the area. (Right, that is why you are making cold calls.) “Brad’s tree and stump service” offering free estimates. I don’t see this business in the local directory and the number comes up from a cell phone and the name James Macgregor. We are on the freakin Do Not Call List, and our phone has an option that gives a message saying we do not accept calls from solicitors and you must dial one to get through if you are not selling anything. This person must have hit the one to bypass the filter. I would suggest we all be careful of unsolicited help and hire local! This is disgusting!