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Does anyone have a copy of Grassfire’s 45 from 1970?

Grassfire - Smell of IncenseWe’re looking for the only album from Duluth-area band Grassfire from the late 1960s/early ’70s. It has the tracks “Smell of Incense” and “Aunt Morley’s Wheatcakes” and is from the label Steamboat. The only info on the internet is on the Opulent Conceptions website.

We’re trying to get it as a gift for one of the band members so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Grassfire band

What’s being built beside Mike’s Western Cafe?

I’m hoping that the construction site near 28th Avenue West and Superior Street, right beside Mike’s Western Cafe, isn’t for another gas station but I’m ready to be let down. Does anyone know for sure?

What’s a geek to do in town?

I’m going to be moving to Duluth in the next couple months and was wondering what kind of nerdy stuff is around town.

What’s the best computer store in town for components? Somewhere where they’ll know what a GTX680 is. Are there any hacker/maker clubs? I’m also interested in volunteering; does anyone know of a computer refurbishing program? Are there any local tech websites or handouts?

I know there are more nerds like me; what are you up to?

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