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2010 Slivovitz Festival

Hello again north country friends. Once again my band Black Bear Combo will be returning to Two Harbors this Saturday to provide some of the musical enjoyment for this year’s Slivovitz Festival. August 28, all day long at Earthwood Inn in Two Harbors. For information, call 218-834-3847. I don’t know the lineup or times for the bands, but there are always a bunch, along with food and drinks.

I’ll probably be sticking around Duluth and the Iron Range for a few days visiting, does anyone have any other suggestions for the next couple of days (bands, food, etc.)?

Slivovitz Festival Saturday

Hello Duluthians,

Hope you don’t mind the intrusion from Chicago (from a former Iron Ranger, at least), but you all should know about the Slivovitz Festival at Earthwood Inn on Highway 61 just south of Two Harbors on Saturday, Aug. 29. A day-long good time featuring Eastern Europe’s finest adult beverage, Slivovitz – which is a plum brandy. Delicious and high octane.

Also, my band is playing at 4:30 if you want to hear some brassy, balkan style music.

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