PDD Quiz: Hartley Park

Test your knowledge of Hartley Park with this edition of the PDD quiz. Sources include Zenith City Online, the Minnesota Digital Library, and the Hartley Nature Center website.

The next PDD quiz, reviewing June 2023 headlines and happenings, comes your way on June 25. Submit question suggestions to Alison Moffat at [email protected] by June 20.

#1 In what year did Guilford Hartley purchase 80 acres of land in the Woodland area of Duluth?

The boundaries of the land were Anoka Street, Allendale Avenue, Fairmont Street, and Rendle Avenue.

#2 What was the name of the farm that Hartley established?

At 780 acres by the early 1900s, Allandale Farm was the largest private farm within Duluth city limits.

#3 Allandale Farm spring water was renowned for its purity; those who drank it claimed that it helped them avoid this illness.

Typhoid fever is caused by the bacteria Salmonella Typhi and is usually spread through contaminated food or water.

#4 What is the name given to the outcrop of igneous rock that offers views of Lake Superior?

The Superior Hiking Trail has a spur that goes up to Rock Knob.

#5 Bluestone from this quarry on Hartley’s land was used to construct Glen Avon Presbyterian Church.

The former Snow White Food Center (now Mix Cosmetiques, Saffron & Grey, and The Hair Company) was also constructed of bluestone from this quarry.

#6 What was the name of the cabin that the Hartleys maintained on their land?

Though the family resided at 1305 E. Superior St., Rabbit Camp was a retreat from city life.

#7 In what year did the State of Minnesota take over the Hartleys’ farm due to tax forfeiture?

Guilford Hartley died in 1922; the Hartley family rented farmland out until 1931, when they stopped paying taxes on the land.

#8 During World War II, Hartley Park served this function.

More than 200 gardeners planted crops in 33’x66′ plots.

#9 Duluth’s Derby Downs were constructed at Hartley Park in this year.

Duluth’s Derby Downs hosted soapbox derby races until 1968.

#10 When was the Hartley Nature Center building constructed?

The Hartley Nature Center has a lease with the City of Duluth to occupy the building until 2052.


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