Dealing with two-faced Duluthers

The CBS sitcom Ghosts references Duluth in the first episode of season 2, titled “Spies.” It’s not complimentary, however.

The general plot of the series is that a couple has turned an inherited country estate into a bed and breakfast … but it’s inhabited by ghosts, therefore wackiness ensues. In the Duluth-related scene, a Midwestern couple shows up, stereotypically smiley and friendly and all you-betchaish on the outside. The vicious reviews they leave on Yelp about the places they have stayed, however, suggest the guests are perhaps insincere with their cheeriness.

The host couple, and the ghosts, debate how to handle the situation and avoid the bad review. Spying on the guests is suggested, in order to get ahead of any issues, but that would of course be unethical.

On the other hand, when you’re “dealing with two-faced Duluthers, you do what you gotta,” suggests Pete, the ghost of a scoutmaster who died after being shot in the neck with an arrow.

The episode aired Sept. 28.



about 1 year ago

I was waiting for someone to mention this, there's also S2 E2 appearance of a smaller repeat-character (Todd?) from season one who is a stan-fan of ghost-Alberta, and in a close scene of the back of his car in the S2E2 is a large bumper sticker prominently saying, "Living the Dream in DULUTH, MN"

Feels like someone on their writing crew is coming for Duluth, LOL


about 3 months ago

I believe the writer on the show that is from Duluth is Emily Schmidt. We can thank her for the reference and the bumper sticker!

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