Mary Bue – “Tequila Song”

Mary Bue has a new music video for a track from her 2020 album The World is Your Lover. “Tequila Song” is produced by Jon Hain.

Bue writes about “Tequila Song”:

While this chaotic and absurd video seems the epitome of a cocaine-tequila bender, it speaks to the truth that we never really know what is going on inside of a person’s head and heart. The external play of illusion could be the response to deep suffering or ecstatic joy. The purity of the morning, plucking a berry from the garden to the depths of the demons from the night before — this is and can be the human inner experience.

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Helmut Flaag

about 1 year ago

It's funny that this is slightly/overtly sexual and provocative, fearless, and yet if I commented on that in an approving manner, it would be deleted for political erectness? #Dogshitcrazytimes #PricelessVaseDemocracy #PleasenomoreBS, I'm stuffed.

Kinda cool song though. Between this and her horror movie work, she's probs onto something. Desert island choice between her and Low is a no brainer, put it bluntly. We'd swim in the sunshine, laugh in the rain.

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