PDD Quiz: Superior’s Architectural Details

This week’s quiz is a companion to last month’s Duluth architectural details quiz. See how many Superior buildings you can identify based on their architectural features (and a few written clues)! To learn more about the buildings in this quiz, check out the Wisconsin Historical Society website, which was an invaluable resource for this quiz.

The next PDD quiz will test your knowledge of June 2020 headlines; it will be published on June 28. Submit question suggestions to Alison Moffat at [email protected] by June 24.

#1 Formerly the headquarters for Työmies, a socialist Finnish-language newspaper, the Agen Block now houses this confectionery.

This Queen Anne style building was constructed in 1892. Read more about the history of Työmies in this Duluth News Tribune article.

#2 Now home to Vintage Italian Pizza, this building sports textured terra cota blocks on the façade. What business first occupied the space when it was constructed in 1928?

The building is located at 1201 Tower Ave.

#3 The Art Deco Crawford Building formerly housed Fabric Works and this dive bar.

Constructed in 1928, much of the building was damaged by fire in 1979.

#4 This 1892 building was the focus of a three-year restoration project that wrapped up in 2018.

Read more about the restoration project in this PDD article.

#5 Which industrialist owned this 1890 Queen Anne mansion?

Grace Pattison bequeathed Fairlawn to the Superior Children’s Home and Refuge Society in 1920; it served as a children’s home until 1962. Read more about Fairlawn on the Zenith City website.

#6 Which civic office was formerly housed in this building?

The former United States Courthouse, Custom House, and Post Office building was constructed in 1908.

#7 In which neighborhood would you find the Romanesque Revival Northern Block (formerly Barnard’s Mini Market)?

Built in 1888, the Northern Block was one of the earliest commercial centers in the East End. It is now an apartment building.

#8 Which building sports this clock tower?

Now an apartment complex, the Nelson Dewey School was Superior’s second school by that name. The first Nelson Dewey School was built in 1889; this building replaced it in 1934.

#9 The neoclassical Maryland Block formerly housed the Superior Telegram; it is also known by this name.

The Maryland Block was built in 1892 by the Land and River Improvement Company.

#10 This U.S. President’s father established the Richardsonian Romanesque townhouses pictured here.

Roosevelt Terrace was designed by architect Carl Wirth and built in 1890.


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