Snow-Fort City, Day 3


#snowfortcity Day 3: it’s a thing now. There are 7 nodes of activity in various stages of completion, but we have successfully transformed Leif Erikson Park.

Sean MacManus’ ceremonial piece has center stage, protected by rook-like battlements by myself and Stephen Bockhold, and an unnamed artist who supplied windows of Lake Superior ice. She has also started a sculpture garden. Annmarie Geniusz built a monolithic Poseidon statue featuring a trident. Melanie etc’s days-old structure overlooks the ampitheater from a place of power; even partly degraded it looks like a Stonehenge ruin implying time works differently here. Mo/Sydney/The Meg/etc connected three pines with sturdy walls in a tree-people vibe. Today was perhaps the last above-freezing day for a while. We’ll see about tomorrow. But the large volunteer crew laid a lot of groundwork that, as I say, transformed the park for real today. In addition to the sled-highways and the sunset playing over all, we have achieved artistic success in a way I was worried about yesterday – with more to come.

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