Freediving for Agates

August of this summer. This beach slopes off sharply just past the surf to like a 45 degree angle, so swimming out in a succession of dives quickly takes you deeper. Max in this video 15 feet? Not far from shore at all, undisclosed location. The dolphin-y noise @ 19 secs is air escaping from the camera pole. The mechanical drone in the background is an ore boat a couple/few miles away in the shipping lanes, which can also be heard in the first couple minutes of my recent vid Diving Among the Boulders and What I Found There.



about 10 years ago

Did you find any good ones?  I've picked for almost 20 years and still don't have the knack for finding them underwater.  They all look like agates when they are wet, to me.  Looks like fun, especially being upside down, picking agates.

Jim Richardson

about 10 years ago

Agreed that they all look like agates when wet; I picked several stones I was certain were giant agates that only turned into perfectly pedestrian rocks when dry. That said, I did find a fairly decent one that I would like to have appraised on camera by way of being educational. Hopefully I can release video of the whole experience here in the fall sometime.

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