Sprint coverage in Lakeside/Lester Park?

Does anyone have a Sprint phone in Lakeside/Lester Park? I’m with AT&T and its coverage has become almost non-existent in the past six months. I’m thinking about trying Ting, which uses an intriguing billing model, but it uses Sprint’s network and I don’t want to find out its coverage sucks too. Its map looks okay, but I was hoping that someone here could back that up with actual experience.

On a semi-related note, am I the only one in the country who can’t imagine paying $80 per month for a phone? I’m currently only paying $20 a month (no data) by having a line on my sister’s AT&T plan.



about 7 years ago

I switched to Sprint about a year ago and coverage is okay in my house in the Tioga/45th area I get 3 to 4 bars on my iphone.


about 7 years ago

I live near Lester Park and get 3 to 4 bars as well.  I had some data issues a few months ago but it was because they were updating their towers.

Derek Montgomery

about 7 years ago

Can't help you on the Sprint stuff, but I'm an AT&T customer living on 50th and Idlewild and we had to get a Microcell.  I'd consider switching services, but I was able to reason my way to a free Microcell device so it worked out ok.  If you tell them your issues about connectivity, dropped calls, etc. etc. and say you want to remain an AT&T customer, they will offer some type of discount since it's better for them in the long-term to offer some discount for the Microcell to continue keeping you as a customer.  Worth a shot...

AT&T 3G MicroCell


about 7 years ago

Not all of us are lucky enough to leech off our sister to get an extra line on a family plan.

Even at the lowest-tier package with no data, it costs your sister more than $20 a month to have your phone on her line. Probably more like $35 including the fees unless she is splitting that package among six phones or so. Even then you are getting a pretty nice discount.

The only reason why I can justify paying even $70 a month for my phone is because of the data plan. Otherwise I would have the absolute bare-bones phone.


about 7 years ago

I know I'm getting a great deal - she gets a pretty good employee discount that makes my extra line really cheap.  I used to pay $35 a month just for my landline.  

I feel really cheap not wanting to shell out the extra money and I think I was whining in the hopes that others would whine with me.

The feedback about Sprint has been really helpful though.  And thanks for the Microcell tip, Derek.


about 7 years ago

I've got TMobile in upper Lester/Lakeside (above Glenwood near 52nd) and it works fine most places in Duluth. I bought a TMobil pay-as-you-go phone  for $30 at a local big box store and I buy about $30 worth of minutes approximately every 6 weeks. The plan does not require buying monthly air-time, just minutes. No, I cannot imagine paying $80 a month for a cell phone. I don't even want to spend $50. I just want my phone to make needed calls. The TMobil phone has worked great for that. My husband has a pay-as-you-go AT&T phone that works fine around upper Lester.

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