“Duties” by Dead Guys

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Last night Dead Guys released their debut EP, “Duties,” and it is now available as a free download at deadguys.bandcamp.com. Dead Guys is a local trio akin to early White Stripes and the Black Keys where raw rock meets gritty blues.

If you like what you hear, we’ll be appearing at Tycoons on Saturday, June 16, after Grandma’s Marathon alongside Dirty Horse.

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about 8 years ago

A review from local photographer Andy Miller:

The album starts violently with "Dead Man" grabbing you by the neck and screaming "LISTEN." The rhythmic and unrelenting kick drum beating as if someone were pounding down the door. Distorted guitar floods in with a catchy riff reminding you what real rock 'n roll should sound like. The vocals start in with a melody and tambour reminiscent of early White Stripes, The Black Keys, and I believe I catch a hint of Danzig in there too. Off to a good ... no ... GREAT start ... and that's only 45 some seconds into the first track. The rest of the song is a driving rock tune betraying the actual age of these "Dead Guys" ... (are they really younger than my little sister?) The false end gives way to ungodly wails only appropriate for the hardest of rockers Gumption (track 2) starts out with a little more finesse letting you know these guys aren't a one trick pony. Quick fretted guitar hooks and smart lyrics give in to the fact that these guys know what they're doing, they've got something to say, and you're going to listen. The track has a downbeat breakdown section which gives you the feeling you're being pulled down into a swamp ... an awesome swamp where the alligators smoke cigars and drink whiskey while they contemplate the finer points in life. I'm no Jesus Christ (track 3) throws you for a loop starting with a banjo... A BANJO?... Who ARE these guys?? We're 3 tracks in and we've already covered like 4 genres of music. What is this? an Irish/Rock/Folk tune??... Doesn't matter... stop trying to label shit and just appreciate it for what it is... good. The same freight train of a kick drum follows you throughout the tune... an ingenious rhythm section if you ask me consisting of a kick drum with a tambourine attached on top. Beats, done. The undistorted vocal harmonies at the end make it hard to keep your eyes open since you'll almost surely be doing the "Ray Charles" waving your head around and really feeling it. Never Be Saved (track 4) is a funk infused ballad with driving guitar licks and a steady yet smart bass line. You'll be nodding you're head along in no time. By the 2nd listen through you'll be repeating along with the doubled lyrics ... finally acknowledging that you too will "Never be saved" Damn & Blast (track 5) shows you some more of "Dead Guys" funky side an even groovier bass line, perfectly matched guitar callbacks and an extremely soulful vocal chorus. Bonus points for fitting a lyric in about Kerouac. Raymond S. Johnson (track 6) let's you know you're at the end of your aural journey. Beginning like it's in a damp, abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town. These guys aren't just finished throwing curveballs yet... is that an accordion I hear?... and where did this crazy soulful voice come from? Throughout the entire album you're surrounded by the better parts of about 6 to 8 different genres of music ranging from classic rock and punk to folk, funk and blues. They're all pulled off without a second thought... it's only upon deeper examination that you learn you've been part of some kind of experiment where all your favorite types of music were methodically picked apart examined for their properties then surgically reassembled under the guise of plain old rock 'n roll.

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