May 2012 Posts

Big Water Bike Journal (Day 12-20)

On May 1, Zach Chase and Kris McNeal set off on their bicycles to circle the Great Lakes. It’s a trip that will take 90 days and span close to 6,000 miles. They are filming along the way and will produce a feature length documentary about the communities surrounding the Great Lakes and the importance of the natural beauty in our backyard. Check out the journal they have been keeping along the way.

It’s not prognostication if you are not a lummox

“Duluth was trying to develop another economy with technology, like hundreds of others tried,” Link said. “It failed everywhere, not just Duluth.” – J.R. “Rob” Link DNT

It did not fail everywhere. Stupid failed.

We don’t get to be the Galactic Seaport Gateway Harbor to the internets anymore just because we paid some Swedish shysters moneys??  Opportunistic bandwagoneers. What makes this so frustrating is 11 years ago, the same sorts of people (the Dotys, the developers, the councilpersons, the Soft Center representatives [PDF]) were cheerleading and saying exactly the opposite. And it was as obviously /Facepalm then as it appears today.

Summer camps for area kids into technology

With the Duluth East Daredevils robotics team again going to nationals this year and high school robotics teams now also at Denfeld and Marshall, how can kids get started in robotics before high school?

There are some summer camps for kids that focus on technology:

Marshall School Train Your Brain Camps

  • App Design Camp
  • Build Your Own Computer Camp
  • Engineering Camp
  • Girl Technology Camp
  • Lego Robotics Camp

St. Scholastica’s Technology Camps

  • Game Design Camp
  • Girls Technology Camp
  • Graphic Design Camp
  • Robotics Camp

WITC College for Kids Summer Camps

  • Geek Week
  • Lego Robotics Camp

This week: Dylan, health care comedy, networking and storytelling


Here’s a sampling of what you have to look forward to this week on the PDD Calendar.

Duluth Dylan Fest dominates the calendar this week with many events in several venues, including a film fest, a panel discussion about Dylan’s legacy, and a concert on a train.

Tuesday you can laugh till it hurts at Laughing to Keep from Crying, sketch comedy inspired by our health care system at the Play Ground.

On Wednesday you can network about networking at the Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference downtown at the Holiday Inn.

It’s sort of like the Swiss Family Robinson in reverse. A family with two small girls live aboard their sailboat in the Great Lakes and Atlantic for a year. The book release of “Big Waves, Small Boat, Two Kids” by area writer Katya Gordon is this Thursday at the Fitger’s Bookstore.

Area writers and performers converge on the Teatro on Friday for another edition of Zenith City Tales with the story telling theme being about education this time around.

So what are you doing this week? Can we tag along? Any upcoming events that you want to promote? Let us know!

Proctor native Scott Jurek featured on Yahoo sports

Diet Tips From Scott Jurek, Ultrarunner And Vegan

Forest tent caterpillars hatching in Duluth

As previously noted on PDD, this is not the summer of the full-on army worm invasion. However, I did see a lot of the above on the end of Minnesota Point on Saturday. So there will be some level of yuck this year.

I sometimes wonder if people who have moved to Minnesota from outside the Midwest maybe eight years ago hear army worm stories and think it’s a figment of folklore, like the hoop snake. They will be in for a surprise.

Bear cub alert — please “share” this:

Wildwoods Rehabilitation
Bear cub alert — please “share” this:

There is a lost or abandoned little cub in the Arrowhead/Swan Lake Road area. If you spot him, call Kelly asap at 218-591-2967, while not letting him out of your sight. Kelly and a vet will come out immediately to dart and catch him. We need to catch this guy soon; he’s tiny and has been without mom for more than 24 hours; he won’t survive for much longer without help. Thanks!

Where in Superior?

North Shore picked by Yahoo as one of “10 great all-American road trips”

Not that 61 needs any more traffic, but it’s nice to see it get some recognition.

10 great all-American road trips

Where are the roller derby fans in Duluth?

As a Harbor City Roller Dame, it baffles me that we are yet to reach our goal of selling out tickets at the DECC Pioneer Hall since playing there the Fall of 2010. Many skaters are involved in or support the local arts and music scene. We are professionals that live and work in this community. The Dames give back by selecting a local charity to receive a financial contribution and/or volunteer our time.  So it begs me to ask: Why is roller derby not as popular or successful in Duluth as it is in say Minneapolis or even smaller towns like Grand Rapids, MN?

Larger cities support multiple teams and are still successful. While locally we’ve seen numbers fall in the last year as our competitiveness has enhanced (we were undefeated until last month’s bout). Roller derby continues to gain popularity across the nation but is slightly stunted here. We need our fans to show their continued support and find ways to reach other demographics to spread the love of derby in Duluth. Our performance is bolstered by the encouragement of our sports enthusiasts.

Does the PDD community have any thoughts on what we can do to fill our seats? Comments? Feedback?

Scenic Ice Station Zebra, MN

It's a long story, and not that funny. But here it is, anyhow.

Spirit Mountain Snowboarding

Calling all interested Duluth bands

I am interested in booking some bands into my bar (Classic Hard Times Saloon in Bemidji). We hire bands from the Minneapolis area and fill in with a lot of great local bands. I would like to get a new mix, so if anyone is looking for a gig or knows someone who is, contact us on Facebook. Shoot us a clip of your band and or some music. All genres welcome.

–Eric Nelson, Hard Times Saloon

Instagrammers PDD?

There are 50 million users on Instagram but there are no Perfect Duluth Day hashtags? Duluth iger’s, you need to get on this. It’d be a great place to curate creative shots of D-town.

Tischer Creek at Twilight Time Lapse

Last night I set my hammock underneath a footbridge in Tischer Creek to sleep over trickling water and under a starry sky. Using LED lights I lit the water and the hammock and came out with this time lapse. I hope to try this again but with different camera settings so I can capture star traces in the sky.