December 2009 Posts

Am I the only one …

… who spends most of the winter fighting the urge to sneak through parking lots, compulsively kicking ice chunks off of other people’s cars?

Merry Christmas!!

Kenny wishes you all a Happy Holiday!

Kenny wishes you all a Happy Holiday!

After numerous comments on my “Merry F***ing Christmas” thread, I got a phone call from Chief Gordon Ramsey. He was most cordial and apologetic about my ticket and offered to take care of it in a manner amenable to me. So, I deleted the previous thread- and have a lot of respect for the power of this little ol’ PDD blog and for our DPD Chief. Kenny wishes you all a Happy Holiday (and he is still for sale).

Old cell phones

I’m looking to score an old-school cell phone. Brick phone. Bag phone. Talking 1980s styles here. Have a friend who is fascinated with then compared to now and it would make a great talking piece/paper weight Xmas gift. Any ideas on how/where to get one?

Last-minute Christmas

So, I have waited until the last second to buy my Christmas gifts. As someone who does not drink (ever) I need some help.

Which area microbrewery is the best? Where can/should I buy their products? Can anyone recommend any Minnesota-made wines? Where can I buy them in Duluth?

Christmas Spirit

Farmer Doug and Lois Hoffbauer , who sell xmas trees out of the farmer’s market, are offering these free trees to their neighbors. How nice is that?

“Waiting for Godot” by Rubber Chicken Theater


Two down-on-their-luck tramps, Vladimir and Estragon, fill their days as painlessly as they can as they wait for someone named Godot to show up. Godot, they believe, will be able to explain their interminable insignificance, or put an end to it.

Reader’s View

Back in January 1997 I witnessed an unidentified flying object. It was very thrilling and exciting. I’ll never forget it.

Places to stay in Duluth

I am coming to Duluth in March next year and looking for some information.

  • Backpacker hostels or cheap, friendly places to stay.
  • How to get to Ely by bus or train!

Can anyone help?

Bigfoot Expedition | Carlton County, Minn., October 2009

The Squatch Inc. Research and Investigative Organization is tracking and researching areas in Minnesota where these elusive creatures are said to roam.

Bohemia Candle Making Class

Duluth’s Corner of the Lake Building

Can I just say that things got a little weird last night at Grandma’s Grand Avenue Cafe and then we’ll just leave it at that?


Fresh Air Fund Holiday Donations

Every year, The Fresh Air Fund gives thousands of inner-city children the priceless gift of fun – and opens the door to a lifetime of opportunities.

Whether its a two-week trip to the country to visit a volunteer host family, or a fun-filled and educational stay at one of our camps, our programs make for unforgettable memories – and open a world of new friendships and fresh possibilities.

Christmas is the perfect time to donate to a non-profit organization. Please consider giving a donation to FAF in the name of a family member, friend, or co-worker.

* Just $10 will send one child on a bus ride to his or her Friendly Town host family.
* $24 provides a child with a week of swimming lessons.
* $42 provides a day of Career Awareness classes.
* A gift of $50 can fund a camp counselor for a day.

If you can give as much as $91, you provide a child at camp with meals for a week. To find out more information about donating or other efforts, please go to for more information.

New Year’s Eve at RT Quinlan’s

New Year’s Eve
Thursday, December 31st
RT Quinlan’s

The Acceleratii
The Surfactants


Evidence of dark matter on the Range?


A physics lab deep below Minnesota’s Iron Range may have uncovered the first terrestrial evidence of dark matter.

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