Need Advice–Cleanest Fuel Oil Company

Anyone have experience with fuel oil companies in the Twin Ports? We’ve been using a company for the last several years, and when we had our chimney cleaned recently, the guy who did the cleaning pointed out there was a huge build-up of sulfuric acid in the pipe and even inside the furnace. He attributed this to the quality of the fuel oil we have been getting from the company we have been using (a company he says he has heard/noticed other such problems with).

So, my question–anyone have advice on a local company that delivers as clean a fuel oil product as possible?


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Shane Bauer

about 11 years ago

We had fuel oil in our last home and upon inspection, were told that our furnace burned at 96.8% efficiency or something like that. The inspector said it was very good, and that fuel oil is a great heating source when burned efficiently. I think it was more of an approval of the furnace than the oil, but you'd think the oil must have been pretty good to get such a review as well. Anyway, we used Como Oil. Since then, they've painted some of their trucks pink and donate a penny per gallon or something to cancer research, plus they support every arts-related event and organization they can. I really hope they're not your current company in question.

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