Lake Superior Brewing wins Gold Medal at World Beer Championships

Lake Superior Brewing Company‘s Oktoberfest won a gold medal at the World Beer Championships.

Not sure why I feel like the resident apologist for Lake Superior Brewing especially since I’ve never tasted the stuff but … somehow I am a big booster of this gem of a Duluth business and I was very glad to see them get some recognition. Who knows? Maybe this is a stepping stone to better and better things for them and our fair Lincoln Park. Congratulations Dale and boys.


Barrett Chase

about 13 years ago

I've never tried their Oktoberfest (the beer that won the gold medal) but I've always enjoyed Kayak Kolsch, especially in the summer. When you're hovering over the grill, it's the beer you hold in your left hand while your right hand works the spatula. It tastes like fun.


about 13 years ago

That's great! I love Lake Superior Brewery beer, and wish more establishments had it on tap.


about 13 years ago

Lake Superior Special Ale is nearly always in my fridge


about 13 years ago

Congrats! I love the Special Ale too.


about 13 years ago

Ah, the Special Ale and Beth's couch....never got much better than that...


about 13 years ago

Congrats! My favorite is tied between the Sir Duluth Oatmeal Stout and the Special Ale, but I fancy them all.


about 13 years ago

I always thought their Kayak Kölsch and Ofest's were solid. Don't really understand the hatin' I've been seeing lately though.


about 13 years ago

Good point Berv.  In a former life I was in the beer industry and beer competitions vary drastically.  If this was from the GABF, I would have been gushing like evryone else.

That being said, I'm happy for Dale, he's a total stand up guy.

And Andy, the issue with LSB is that they aren't always consistent with their beers.  They do have some good ones though.....


about 13 years ago

We use the Oatmeal Stout to make pancake syrup and it is not bitter when cooked - unique in a beer.

Ryan H

about 13 years ago

rollergirl, Could you please explain your issue with LSB consistency a little better?

I have been a loyal LSB drinker for several years (i'm only 23) and volunteered at the brewery for several months. I find their consistency to be as good as possible given the difficulties in operating a small brewery. If its pure consistency your looking for then BMC is your beer.

Dale and LSB are absolute class acts and make some of the best beer in the midwest. 

P.S. IMHO Old Man Winter Warmer is the best barley wine made in the U.S. and in the words of a former LSB brewer, the biggest baddest beer made in Minnesota.


about 13 years ago

There have been times when I have detected off flavors in their beers, such as diaceytl (this is a sort of buttery or butterscotch flavor).  This is NOT supposed to be in brews - it's actually caused by an incorrect fermentation temperature.  Beer is not as forgiving as wine, when it comes to temperatures.

And I'm not ripping on them.  It's just what I've observed.  I've worked in a brewery before.


about 13 years ago

"P.S. IMHO Old Man Winter Warmer is the best barley wine made in the U.S"

You need to try some more barley wines out there!

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