Happy Leif Erikson Day

Leif Erikson Park Google-leif-erikson

I just thought it would be good to pay some respect to Mr.  Leif Erikson on his day.  Or is it Ericson?

I will stick with his nickname “Leif the Lucky” that’s catchier anyway. Either way he was a great explorer and discovered this great continent 500 years before Mr. Columbus and was way cooler. Get out and celebrate and have a beer for your favorite Norse explorer.

And screw you Google, why no respect for Leif the Lucky? O’well we will give him the Google love he deserves here.

Send your love to Leif and comment how much he means to you on this Leif Erikson Day 2009.



about 15 years ago

Why oh why did they use carved dragons instead of bare breasted, pointy nippled maiden carvings on the bow?  I thought the norse gravitated toward the hedonistic.

Maybe a bare breasted dragon? :)


about 15 years ago

To distracting for the crew!!!

Palace Valhalla
Norweigen Riviara


about 15 years ago

Being of Scandinavian descent, I wanted to make our community aware that October 9th is Leif Erickson Day. I have created a design to commemorate Leif Erickson Day which reflects my strong Nordic heritage. 

The journey of Leif Erikson reflects the spirit that has made America strong, as the desire to explore and understand is part of our national character. Through my art exploration, I want to share my Nordic pride with my community.


about 15 years ago

Hi, my name is Andrea and I'm from Brazil.
I am a lover of the nordic culture, and I wanna hail you for the october 9. Sorry about the bad english, I speak portuguese very well! I wanna know what you think about this. Thanks.

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