Family problems?

Boyz II Dadz is hosting another FREE FAMILY LAW clinic, next week because …

Unfortunately, this ….
images - j & k cuddle

sometimes turns to this …
j & k divorce

We have a prestigious panel of experts on the law and they will answer your questions about the good, the bad, and even the ugly things about family law. I especially encourage people who have a friend/wife/husband/neighbor/co-worker/family member who complains about his or her family situation to DRAG that person out to this totally free, informal workshop. Tell them that previous attendees have described Boyz II Dadz law clinics as “life changing.” Tell them that if they don’t go you won’t listen to their whining anymore. Tell them anything, just try and get them to actually come. Knowledge often moves people out of complaint mode, and into action. In family court matters, satisfactory resolution often comes after action, but rarely before it. So this is a great step toward peace and harmony.

In a classic wildgoose divergence, I also wanted to mention that I last night I read the recent Time Magazine Cover Story on Marital infidelity and I found it very thought provoking and compelling in analysis of the state of marriage as it relates to parenting in America (and Duluth) from my perspective as a family outreach worker in the field today. I know it really seems like I’m stretching and pitching here, but I’m asking for some wiggle room because the subject came up a few weeks ago in this recent pdd post. and I have been thinking about it ever since. Does PDD ever do that to you?


Danny G

about 14 years ago

Remember back when the spam promoting my dorky little podcast was obnoxious?


about 14 years ago

Yep, this is promotional and probably even a little obnoxious.


about 14 years ago

This should cheer up anybody with family problems....

Mom goes mental on

(Funny stories of crazy moms)!!

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