One of those enormous strings of balloons that arch across the street at the finish line for grandmas got loose and headed off into the heavens. Last seen flying high over Lake Superior headed south … I wonder where they’ll land or if they’ll ever be found … I wonder if there are tell tale marks on the balloons that will lead a finder to know they’re from Duluth. Hopefully they won’t end up in any bird or varmint bellies, that’s deadly. Any way to track them? Anyone else care but me? Anyone else get a better picture than this?




about 13 years ago

let the balloons go outside...
let the balloons go outside!


about 13 years ago

thanks for posting this, I watched it from the beach go and go and go. despite my greatest wish for it to be other things, I correctly guessed what it was.

Bad Cat!

about 13 years ago

I once saw a giant inflatable hot dog escape into the sky. I watched it wander above the harbor for about a half hour, then it continued into wisconsin and out of sight.


about 13 years ago

the giant pig seen soaring over the Battersea Power on the cover of Pink Floyd's Animals actually broke loose from its moorings during the original photo shoot and eventually came down in some farmer's field.


about 13 years ago

I'm sure it flew into Wisconsin and deflated; a Loggerhead Shrike probably ate it and died...

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