Selling a sea kayak

I’m looking to sell my sea kayak (decent boat used like 6 times, hence the sale). Besides Craigslist, are there places in town that I should be posting physical fliers?


your mom

about 13 years ago

you could post a flyer at ski hut, duluth running company or some other outdoorsy type store (assuming they allow postings..)


about 13 years ago

I have successfully sold boats on


about 13 years ago

You may want to post the picture, price and details here.  Or at least a link to your CL ad.


about 13 years ago

There are going to be a couple hundred kayaks in Washburn between June 18-21. You might find someone to expand their fleet there.


about 13 years ago

Well I don't know if I'll try to sell the boat there, but it looks like a great event to just go and enjoy. Thanks for the heads up.

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