Drunken Photos from the 1990s


I’m not sure if “Drunken Photos from the 1990s” is meant to be a series or not, but I happened to come across two images in my attic that fit the category and raised some questions I thought the Internet could answer.

The photo above is from a house party in the Central Hillside. It’s dated March 12, 1994. I know that it involves some kind of trick, but I can’t remember what the trick is. If memory serves me correctly, the woman on the couch has a slice of bread on her stomach. The guy standing over her burns a lighter under a shot glass or something, and then puts the shot glass over the bread and her stomach skin gets sucked up into the glass or something like that. Has anyone heard of this? It’s been 18 years, so I’ve kind of forgot.


I don’t know who these guys are, but I remember taking the above photograph at the Bob Dylan and Paul Simon concert at Bayfront Park on July 3, 1999. I just felt the need to capture the sheer joy on their faces as they chugged Jägermeister and Miller High Life at that awesome, muddy concert.

These days I wonder if the two clowns in this pic, and the gal peering over them for that matter, are still around town. Perhaps they are upstanding members of society and will be embarrassed by this. Or maybe they’ll be glad to relive the moment. Maybe we’ll find out.


Paul Lundgren

about 12 years ago

Oh, by the way, this reminds me of another set of Drunken Photos from the 1990s in the PDD Archives -- "Jokers Wild - Loopers Unite!"

The subject of the old Jokers Wild bar in Superior came up in conversation recently, and I was told that it was common knowledge that the toilets there drained directly into the basement, forming a disgusting sewage pile that eventually resulted in the place getting shut down. I do not remember that at all. I guess it's not so much a mystery to solve as it is an urban legend to prove or debunk.

The comments to the linked Jokers Wild post reference rumors that there was no plumbing, but the post itself mentions that the place burned down -- although a commenter suggests there was no fire, but that Amsoil "wanted the property and worked with the City Council of Superior to have Jokers condemned."

Ah, the 1990s.

Paul Lundgren

about 12 years ago

How muddy was the Dylan/Simon concert? Here's my friend Chris' shoes, with one of mine creeping into the bottom of the shot.



about 12 years ago

That was a muddy concert!I got my new hiking boots all dirty. Also when everybody left they pushed the fence down which was great as we got out of there nicely.

Barrett Chase

about 12 years ago

I saw that trick performed on several occasions. You take a piece of bread, wet it down, and put it on someone's stomach. Then you stick a bunch of matches into the wet bread and put an inverted glass on top of them to douse them. The air inside contracts, forming a vacuum, and a seal is formed around the glass by the wet bread. The person can then walk around with the glass stuck to them. It's kind of dumb and pretty gross. The glass gets filled with wet bread, spent matches, and smoke. There's a risk of getting burned and/or getting a huge hickey.

I suppose it's a lot like fire cupping.


about 12 years ago

You crazy kids.  All we did in Lincoln, NE is play quarters with really bad keg beer.

p.s. I love that photo of the guys at the Dylan concert.  Have I ever been that happy?


about 12 years ago

Oh yeah, and my boyfriend would get his pet python (Julias Squeezer) out of his acquarium for some drunken shenanigans.  So we had that going for us.


about 12 years ago

I've now spent the last hour reliving the 90s through album covers & Loopers. Thanks for the posts, Paul!

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