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Why is it that only the West Duluth Super1 bakery has the recipe for Peanut Butter Kisses?  I recently moved to the East side and neither the Kenwood or Superior St. Super1’s have these delicious calorie grenades.  I had to make the drive last night to satisfy the cravings of my significant other…


Barrett Chase

about 15 years ago

The Plaza Super One ("Super Jubes" to Hillsiders) never changed at all from its original form as Jubilee. When the switch happened I was excited that I'd be able to enjoy the prices and selection that I enjoyed when I lived in West Duluth. Nope. It's the same crappy store, only now it isn't even open 24 hours. 

The people who work there are nice, though.


about 15 years ago

mt. royal.



about 15 years ago

Plazajubes, as you call it, did get rid of all of their carts, though.  They sent them to some grocery cart graveyard or Central America or something.  I saw them packing them up.


I wish it were easier to find a good molasses cookie in a Super One or any grocery store.  Although I haven't tried Mount Royal, thanks for the tip, 'Zra


about 15 years ago

What a nice Bryguy you are. :)

When I personally had a craving for an apple fritter a couple days ago, I also stopped in at the West Duluth Super One because they may just have the best ones in town.

IT was then that I was shocked to see a Texas Donut for the very first time. Ridiculously large, they reminded me of the last bundt cake I baked.

Any idea when someone might actually need to purchase one of those? 

I might enjoy watching someone eat one. :)


about 15 years ago

"need" is so subjective.  I worked at the public park summer program 3 blocks from SuperOne in Superior.  If it was a slow day we'd give a kid $3 to buy my partner and I one each and one for himself.  You can only play box hockey so many hours in a day.


about 15 years ago

OH, you're right. I was in Superior that AM! I'm pregnant, and that's truly a valid excuse. For pretty much anything. :)

So, are those guys better than their traditional counterparts? 

Or a complete disappointment like those Giant Cheese Puffs I sent my own husband out to find for me one night not long ago?

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