Friday Rawk Night




View select performances from Coal Car Caboose and the Keep Aways here. Also available is a special performance from the Bitter Spills. Additional videos will be posted soon.

Photos and Videos Courtesy of the Daily Strife.



about 13 years ago

The 550 Million Society is the new best band of the cliff dweller elitist!  but that's just me....


about 13 years ago is the daily strife run by the guy with the little video camera thing? i loved going to the shows and watching the festival but it really frustrated me when at some of the venues i went to see a band he had to be on stage video taping and basically blocking my view half the time. at the blue crab he was right in all the band members faces which you could tell by looking at the other band members it was creeping them out. its great that he's putting the videos up and all but i didn't come to the cars and trucks show to watch him videotape. if you're going to take video of a band, have the decency to do so NOT ON THE STAGE. the stage is for the band. sorry, rant over.

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