Classic Duluth TV: Mr. Toot and Captain Q

For your enjoyment, clips of the Mr. Toot and Captain Q kids’ shows from — I’m guessing — the early 1960s on what was then WDSM, now KBJR.

Best parts: The starstruck kids introducing themselves to Mr. Toot at the beginning (Peggy, we heard you already!), and Captain Q’s parrot (Angus Mc—–?) helping him pitch Arrowhead milk.

Thanks to YouTube user NorthlandSports, who has posted a number of other vintage Duluth TV clips, including the 1975 KBJR newscast that was featured a few weeks back on the Attic.



about 15 years ago

Interesting clip! The segment dates from the late 60's. The only reason I know is because I recognized two of the children in the video as old Chester Park grade school classmates. One of them garnered a great deal attention in 1980(?) leading Duluth Central to the state high school championship. The other child was the daughter of the superintendent of  public schools. I really got a goofy thrill watching this footage. Where did it come from?


about 15 years ago

P.S. The kids weren't star struck so much as they are fascinated in seeing themselves on the studio monitors. Me! On TV! I sat in those bleacher seats a number of times and sitting there and realizing you were on TV (!) was absolutely mindboggling to a six year old.


about 15 years ago

I like how a broke-down Captain Q struggles down the hatch (into what appears to be the Anchor Bar), recovers, then launches into a lecture on youth fitness and nutrition. 

If only marketing today was still this unscientific.  (Except when the screen flashed the words *RUM* and *THIRSTY* under the parrot- very clever!)


about 15 years ago

Does anyone else remembering being on this show as a kid? I'm trying to remember all the free goodies they used to give everyone. Snowballs and Banana Flips. Promotional posters for Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. Slow-poke caramel suckers (yellow wrappers).

Rubber Chicken

about 15 years ago

I was on there a couple of times.  It was great!  Got out of Alborn Elementary early so we could make it to the big city of Duluth in time to be in the live studio audience!  I was never a Super Toot, either, but it sure looked cool.  

How about Mr. Norton from the Duluth Zoo?  And Jolly Ranchers?  And getting spanked on your birthday?

Tim K

about 15 years ago

I recall getting some kind of Reddy Kilowatt memorabilia- it wasn't the ashtray, but I remember being inspired...


about 15 years ago

I remember the 'Glad' kid from east 5th st. on there one time. He dropped something off the bleachers and muttered some obscenity and Ray says to him "that's a Mr. Toot no-no". Glad shoots him the stink eye and retorts "cram it clown". Ray hung up the big shoes shortly thereafter.


about 13 years ago

What was that show where the lady sat on the floor with the kids in a circle and we talked to the kids at home by naming names while looking through the looking glass (it was a badminton racket, I think) and we all waited to see if she called our name and saw us through the TV?

Jack Heino

about 13 years ago

I was one of the kids on the Mr. Toot show!  Not this episode - is there an archive where I might be able to find the taping of the show I was on?

Kimmer J

about 13 years ago

It was so exciting for me to be on the Mr. Toot show for my birthday! I remember how hard it was to get tickets. I do wonder why we had no second thoughts about bending over with our backsides facing the camera while Mr. Toot paddled us! I just told my 5-year-old about it today and went on-line to see if there was any old footage available, but was saddened to learn that Ray Paulsen passed away yesterday. Thanks Mr. Toot!

P.S. I think that the second girl to give her name was Susan Jerde from Esko.  I was friends with her sister Paula.


about 12 years ago

I was so young when on the show, that all I can remember was the bleachers had footprints painted on them. And to evenly space the children among the bleachers, you had to sit between the footprints. That's it, I remember nothing else.

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