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Lego Robotics in Duluth!

Exciting Lego Robotics are in store this weekend in Duluth. For years I coached my son’s team, but now given he is working as an Aerospace engineer for Honeywell, I will judge Lego Robotics design. In fact, almost every former team member is now working as an engineer. This is a great testimonial for Lego Robotics. Imagine teams of 4 to 8 children (elementary and middle school) programming and designing robots made out of Legos, a small computer and various sensors!

Come watch some of tomorrow’s competition:

  • Marshall School in Duluth Minnesota
  • Saturday, December 14th starting at 9 am.

It’s free and exciting. If you can’t attend tomorrow, here is a cool video from First Lego League demonstrating this years mission.

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