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Glensheen’s Spooktacular Tips

You probably know that Glensheen is hosting a display of 1,000 Jack O’ Lanterns starting tonight. It’s a gorgeous presentation and it’s one of those few events that is actually fun for adults, as well as children. No trick or treatin’, no costumes – it’s more a visual celebration of autumn.

But, PDD’rs here’s a little inside baseball for you.

- Try to walk if you can; parking in the Glensheen lot is a bear. There’s construction going on that’s taking up part of an already smallish lot.

- SATURDAY ONLY: There’s a shuttle from UMD’s Lot W running about every 20 minutes.

- In fact, come on Friday or Sunday if you can – or opening night tonight (Thursday).

If you’re there toward the end of the event on Sunday (closes at 9), ask to take a pumpkin home. It’s before Halloween and you can pretend you carved that masterpiece on your front stoop. (There will be a donation jar out, if you want to put a couple of bucks in for one. That would be classy. And I know you’re classy.)

- Tickets are $8, but only $20 for a family – plus it includes fire dancers, a sneak through the mansion’s dining room for a Pumpkin¬†Seance and free s’mores.

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  1. I’ve gone to this the past few years -- absolutely stunning! It may sound like “meh, I’ve seen pumpkins, what’s the big deal?,” but seeing hundreds of them spread across the dark grounds has great Halloween atmosphere.

    Also, the past few years had warm fires at the end, yummy snacks, hot cocoa, and fire dancers. Yes, all of them are yummy!

    Glensheen Spooktacular website

    BadCat! | Oct 24, 2013 | New Comment
  2. Where can one park and walk safely to Glensheen?

    clc | Oct 24, 2013 | New Comment

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