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Thanksgiving dinner

What’s a good place to eat dinner on Thanksgiving day in Duluth?

(Looking for a restaurant recommendation, not the suggestion to go to your grandmother’s house!)

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  1. Go to your grandmother’s house.

    Restaurants on Thanksgiving? How apocryphal. If you don’t have family, do something with the community. There’s always free Thanksgiving dinner at the DECC.

    rediguana | Nov 4, 2009 | New Comment
  2. Actually, some families do go out to a restaurant for Thanksgiving. Mine has done so for several years now. The places are always packed, so it can’t be that uncommon.

    Chad | Nov 4, 2009 | New Comment
  3. Our extended family started going out to eat back when our children were young to save the work of meal prep but still spend time together. We’d also stay at a motel with a pool and have fun swimming, snacking and watching football later after the big meal.

    rootbeerlady | Nov 4, 2009 | New Comment
  4. There are lots of restaurants around that are doing Thanksgiving dinners -- the Pickwick is one of them -- but I second rediguana’s suggestion that you and your family head to the DECC.

    tamara | Nov 5, 2009 | New Comment
  5. OK, two people have affirmed that “lots” of restaurants are open. Anyone want to provide a list? I think that’s what rootbeerlady is looking for.

    Barrett Chase | Nov 5, 2009 | New Comment
  6. Paul Lundgren | Nov 5, 2009 | New Comment
  7. A few years back my extended family had the buffet at Barker’s Island Inn. I’ll admit it wasn’t as nostalgic as a traditional family Thanksgiving dinner, but the food was fair, the prices were decent, and we really enjoyed the pool area after dinner (though that part was optional.) I believe they like reservations. Lot’s of restaurants will take out advertisements of their specials in the paper the week leading up to Thanksgiving -- so that is probably a good resource.

    Does anyone have any ideas of where I can get a good Thanksgiving dinner in Gatlinburg, TN as that will be my travel destination for the long weekend?

    Rae | Nov 5, 2009 | New Comment
  8. The Lighthouse on Homestead Rd.

    wetclimber | Nov 5, 2009 | New Comment
  9. The Main Club puts out a wonderful spread.

    c-freak | Nov 5, 2009 | New Comment
  10. Black Woods had a decent classic turkey buffet that I heard was good. If you’re into the all you can eat thing, it might be worth calling them up. Nothing about this event on their web site, though.

    huitz | Nov 5, 2009 | New Comment
  11. Alison’s Restaurant.

    Bret | Nov 5, 2009 | New Comment
  12. Oops, I meant Alice’s Restaurant.

    Bret | Nov 5, 2009 | New Comment
  13. Bret, be mindful where you throw your trash. It might come back to haunt you!

    mevdev | Nov 5, 2009 | New Comment
  14. Lakeview Castle does a nice job.

    You need reservations though and I believe the Plaza IGA does Thanksgiving Dinners that are not bad. Before Thanksgiving you pay a price (very low as I remember) and you get a complete dinner that you finish cooking at home.

    My wife and I did it one year and it was good.


    Todd Gremmels | Nov 5, 2009 | New Comment
  15. Alice’s resturant charges $50.00 for the sugar cubes that you can put in your coffee!!!!

    If your looking for a little different Thanksgiving!!!

    Mr. Nice comeing to a theatre near you!!!!


    Todd Gremmels | Nov 5, 2009 | New Comment
  16. Back in my radio days, must have been ’96. I got stuck with the evening gig on the night before Thanksgiving. This was KAXE-FM, northern community radio, one of the best stations in the country, heck the world. Most of the music shows were done by volunteers but if you couldn’t get people (on say, the night before a huge holiday) staff had to fill in. Anyway, I played Alice’s restaurant, the whole thing. I had never heard it before. Highly recommended. Maybe I’ll pull it out to listen to with the fam this year. Thanks for the hijack/memory jogger Gremmels and Bret.


    As for where to go, I know this isn’t what you’re looking for lady, but most north country families I know have a “room for more” policy on Thanksgiving. In fat times and lean times there’s always room for more and our house is no exception.

    wildgoose | Nov 7, 2009 | New Comment
  17. Thank you also for the memory jogger, Gremmels, Bret and wildgoose. Alice’s Restaurant brings back memories of being a very small part of Duluth’s hip scene back in the late 60′s. Ah, those food trips to Huey’s Cafe on Lake Avenue …

    Your reminder about welcoming those without another place to go on holidays is right-on. Thanks for that too.

    rootbeerlady | Nov 8, 2009 | New Comment
  18. Oh, this is a great place to ask my Thanksgiving question: If I wanted to invite five complete strangers (preferably middle-aged single women) to my home for Thanksgiving dinner, how would I start? Would you be interested if you fit that description and had nowhere else to go that day? This is a fantasy dinner of mine, though I’m usually busy (cooking for others) on that day. What do you think?

    PJ | Nov 9, 2009 | New Comment
  19. PJ, I think clearly identifying your gender would be a good start. Middle-aged single women might be nervous about meeting a strange man for a “fantasy dinner.”

    ( “Thanksgiving Fantasy” — worst sitophilic porno ever.)

    If they know you’re a woman not looking for something kinky, things will go more smoothly.

    Paul Lundgren | Nov 9, 2009 | New Comment
  20. Paul, actually I AM a female and would like to invite other females over for dinner just to have a good time and make new friends. I’d invite YOU, however, just for the laughs. Happy Thanksgiving!

    PJ | Nov 9, 2009 | New Comment
  21. If I were a middle-aged single woman and I felt comfortable with the person who invited me, I’d attend such a dinner. Any group of six women can easily fill a few hours talking about food, Thanksgiving traditions, a bit of their life stories, the weather, men, the economy, book and movie recommendations.

    rootbeerlady | Nov 9, 2009 | New Comment
  22. Thanks, rootbeerlady. I feel the same way, and it sounds interesting and fun. I may be back with my invite!

    PJ | Nov 9, 2009 | New Comment
  23. I can’t decide if I am still young enough to be middle aged….63….

    carla | Nov 9, 2009 | New Comment
  24. Carla. . .you are not. . . .

    PJ, I always find a dinner with women to be a lot more fun than mixed company! But then I grew up in a family of men and have tried to make up for it ever since. Go for it!

    Calk | Nov 9, 2009 | New Comment
  25. i’m middle aged but woman or man? both?

    c-freak | Nov 10, 2009 | New Comment
  26. c- you’re the lesbian big sister i never had.

    zra | Nov 10, 2009 | New Comment
  27. Well, that ended oddly.

    PJ | Nov 11, 2009 | New Comment
  28. My family will also be in Duluth on Thanksgiving Day and need to find a restaurant for dinner, so I’m glad for the suggestions here. We are going to Duluth to visit our adult daughter, who, due to a traumatic brain injury, lives in a supervised group home there.

    Jaelyn | Nov 12, 2009 | New Comment
  29. Jaelyn,
    A relaxing place with good food and a good view (and easy to find) is Blackwoods on London Road. I highly recommend them.

    PJ | Nov 13, 2009 | New Comment
  30. view?

    we *used* to have the Buena.

    zra | Nov 13, 2009 | New Comment
  31. “View,” meaning you can see Lake Superior, which in the summer is quite nice. Buena was okay. Another good view is from Radisson Hotel, but I’m not so crazy about their food.

    PJ | Nov 13, 2009 | New Comment
  32. PJ, thanks for the suggestion. I’ll look into Blackwoods.

    Jaelyn | Nov 17, 2009 | New Comment
  33. How about Midi, they have a great view as well. In the old Bennett’s space at Fitgers.

    Calk | Nov 18, 2009 | New Comment
  34. Midi is great! Good food, great atmosphere, nice view. Wish I’d thought of that one.

    PJ | Nov 18, 2009 | New Comment

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