Help Topic: How to Insert an Image Into a Comment

It used to be possible to directly upload images to comments on Perfect Duluth Day. Unfortunately, the plugins that allow it tend to stop working when WordPress upgrades are installed. We used three different plugins from 2009 to 2018 and all of them eventually stopped working. We’re looking for a new one, and will install it when we find it, but for now there is no super-easy way to add an image to a comment.

But there is one way to do it that isn’t super complicated:

If your PDD account has “contributor” status and allows you to upload images to blog posts, you can create a draft post and organize photos however you like, then simply copy the HTML code and paste it into a comment.

If you do that, please delete your draft post when your work is done in order to keep things tidy on the dashboard. You don’t leave draft posts all over your living room, do you?

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