Help Topic: How to Insert an Image Into a Comment

Inserting an image into your comment on PDD is pretty darn easy.

Under the text box where you key in the words to your comment, there is a tab marked “Choose File.” Click it and your desktop folder will open. Select the image you want to insert and click “Open.” The title of the image will appear next to the “Choose File” tab. Once you are finished entering whatever text you wish to add, click the “Submit Comment” tab and your image will appear underneath any text you chose to enter.

The Comment Images plugin only allows one image to be uploaded per comment, and does not allow you to insert the image at the top or middle of your text. We regret this limitation, but we are stuck with it for now.

There is, however, one way around it. If your PDD account has “contributor” status and allows you to upload images for posts, you can create a draft post and organize multiple photos the way you like and simply copy the HTML code and paste it into a comment. If you do that, please delete your draft post when your work is done in order to keep things tidy. You don’t leave draft posts all over your living room, do you?