PDD Quiz: Notable Northland Critters

Put your knowledge of notable Duluth-area animals to the test with this week’s quiz.

The next PDD quiz will cover current events; it will be published on June 27. Submit question suggestions to Alison Moffat at [email protected] by June 23.

#1 Mr. Magoo made headlines in 1963 when he was granted nonpolitical asylum from the Secretary of the Interior. What kind of animal was Mr. Magoo?

Mr. Magoo was gifted to the Duluth Zoo, but federal law banned mongooses from the United States. Read more on the Duluth News Tribune website and the book The Duluth Mongoose by Jack Denton Scott.

#2 In 1929, a black bear broke through a plate glass window at the Hotel Duluth and was shot by a Duluth police sergeant. The stuffed bear later graced this Canal Park institution.

Read more on the Zenith City website.

#3 A Ring-Billed Gull regularly visits the Super 8 in West Duluth (where he taps on the door to ask for donuts). What is this gull’s name?

The last appearance of Steven Seagull reported by the Duluth News Tribune was on March 8, 2020; read more here.

#4 This raptor, which can reach speeds of 200 mph during a stoop, can often be found nesting at Greysolon Plaza, the Blatnik Bridge, and the Hibbard Renewable Energy Center.

View a video of a peregrine falcon nest on the Duluth News Tribune website.

#5 A statue memorializing this Lakeside cat is located near 40th Avenue East.

The Duluth News Tribune has more on Catsby’s story here.

#6 Berlin escaped the Lake Superior Zoo during the 2012 flood. What kind of animal is Berlin?

Berlin is featured on the Kansas City Zoo’s Polar Bear cam.

#7 Duluth’s mounted patrol was most recently disbanded in which year?

The mounted patrol had previously been disbanded in 2004; it was reinstated in 2014. Read more on the Duluth News Tribune website.

#8 What is the name of the only elephant housed at the Duluth Zoo?

Bessie came to the zoo in 1929; she would frequently escape the zoo and wander around West Duluth. Read more on the Zenith City website.

#9 This island between Wisconsin and Minnesota is one of two Common Tern nesting sites on Lake Superior.

Read more about the tern habitat on the Duluth News Tribune website.

#10 What was the nickname given to this black bear who visited Miller Hill Mall?

PDD has more on Noodles here.


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Mary Ann Louise

about 3 years ago

That photo of The Great Catsby shows him wearing a scarf I made out of an old piece of T-shirt! When I went to replace it with something else, it was gone, and replaced with a new scarf. He is usually dressed up with scarf, hat, etc.

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